Server Move In Process

This website is in the process of being moved from the server to the server

The file you are looking at now is located on, the old server. When Shoutleaf is turned off, this file and all others hosted here will be deleted.

Your domain is still pointed to the old server!

If you can see this, your domain is still pointed to the old server! Please update the nameservers in your domain settings to and

To do this, please follow the following instructions.

  1. Log in to your Freenom account.
  2. Navigate to Services > My Domains > Manage Domain > Management Tools > Nameservers.
  3. Replace Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 with NS1.STABLEHOST.COM and NS2.STABLEHOST.COM
  4. Within a few minutes (or possibly hours) your domain should be transfered. You will know it has transfered correctly when you no longer see this warning.

To My New Website!

My name is Sintayehu. I'm a Front-End beginner Developer. I'm open-minded, ready to learn new skills and from others, flexible, good communication skill, and face several environments. I'm eager to learn more about computers. I teach myself to solve problems, and I know, how can I get help. Also, I will be graduate from Georgia Piedmont Technical College for a major in Computer Support Specialist for next month. Programming and Web developing are my entire goal.

Ethiopian Culture

Cultural Dresses
Coffee Ceremony
Culture food

Places to Visit

Lalibela Church, Ethiopia

Meskel Festival